I wish to help our homeless community members by creating a temporary employment agency entitled “Phoenix”, where homeless individuals would be able to find employment, health services, and eventually housing options.


These part-time jobs would include those that local businesses submit to Phoenix’s ethics committee, in addition to several permanent jobs funded by the city for beautification and sanitation. All liability would be the agency’s not the business owner’s, while our community members are employed through Phoenix. Jobs would be classified based on their level of difficultly, and the accountability required to complete the task successfully. Homeless individuals would be able to build a resume, and gain access to more complex and higher paying work as a result. As these community members reach higher levels of work complexity, they would be able to gain access to vital services such as critical mental and wellness healthcare and housing options— eventually finding permanent employment in our area.

The goal is to transition and integrate those struggling with homeless into society with grace and dignity. Everyone deserves a job who wants one. This agency would strengthen our economy, and positively change the lives of so many of our district’s people who need an avenue to better support themselves and their community. It would also offer clear and sustainable pathways to both mental and wellness healthcare and housing.