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I am a graduate of Santa Barbara City College, U.C. Berkeley, and Claremont Graduate University, and have dedicated my education and work to the study of ethics in order to promote a more peaceful, prosperous society. I am currently a Law student at the Santa Barbara and Ventura Colleges of Law.


Recently I ran for California's 37th Assembly District seat. Although I was not elected, the honor of being considered for public office has only strengthened my commitment to service; I strive to cultivate policy designed to inspire and empower all people. 


In the spirit of this principle, I am proposing a 28th Amendment to the United States Constitution to make love an unalienable right. 

*             *            *

I dare to be a bridge, and not an island.
I dare to listen before I speak.
I dare to think of others before myself.
I dare to strive for equality, justice, and peace in all endeavors. 
I dare to love my country and its people fearlessly, and serve the greater good. 
I dare to accept and respect all people—
I am a daughter, and a citizen of the United States, with the courage to care. 

Dare to care. Do you dare?

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