I call it “From change to change”:

I propose a special tax on the sale of all single-use plastic bottled products, which would go entirely to cover the cost of tuition for students in the UC and CSU system. These are the two main offenders of pollution; the tax would play the double role in promoting the use of biodegradable alternatives and reducing plastic waste in our oceans and land, all while supporting education.

Americans used about 50 billion plastic water bottles last year alone (Ban the Bottle); take 50 Billion bottles x a 1 cent tax on every bottle and you get: $500,000,000.00. Now imagine all of the other specialty beverages served in single-use plastic bottles, and what a 1 cent tax could do for our education system.

The water is not taxed—the bottle is; everyone has the right to clean water. https://www.banthebottle.net/bottled-water-facts/

The initiative is meant to be temporary. Its goal is to assist in the decommissioning of an unsustainable practice while benefiting education in the process. One cannot expect our businesses to make this kind of change overnight; it would be damaging to our economy to do so. By the time California no longer relies on single-use plastic bottles, I plan to have sustainable solutions to counter the rising cost of education.